WCPD Daily Driver Series 1:24 Romen Red $89.00 59RRCV

West Coast Precision Die-cast 1959 Impala Convertible

Limited supply on all Daily Driver series

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1959 Chevrolet Impala by West Coast Precision Die-Cast

Car: 1959 Impala

Color: Romen red

Interior: Red

Model: Convertible

Motor: 348 Carburetor: 3, 2 Barrels Transmission: Automatic Style: 2 Door Manufactured with over 300 parts

Check out my other items ! for more great Impala's

West Coast Precision Diecast

Presents the " Daily Driver Series"

Cars that are not ment to be in showcases or your garage!

is your chance to buy a highend diecast at a fraction of the cost $89.00 this line is not Numbered or limited.

Over 300 parts to make these cars, opening: doors, hood, trunk, glove box, ash tray removable hub caps, and many more features that you will never see from a diecast company at this price point.

1959 Impala in Romen Red

Cars are just as the name implies; Daily Driver Series. You will not see these at the local concorse show catogory, but if you look! you might just see the little old lady from Pasadena pull up next to you Driving one! Like so many clean cars that people fight over on the street handing phone numbers to owners ( words exchanged ) like i'll
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