WDCC Haunted Mansion Caretaker and Dog Graveyard Shift Limited Edition

Sculpted by fantastic artist Ruben Procopio, the Caretaker and his Dog are a fantastic representation of the scene in Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction. There's a lot of landscape detail on this piece as you can see from the overhead photo. "Graveyard Shift" was released at the "Room for 1 More" event at Walt Disney World in 2011. The piece was a limited edition of 250, and this particular piece is numbered 103 with the Umbrella production mark. The piece is 10" high, 11 1/2" wide and 9 1/2" deep. Sculpture includes Certificate of Authenticity and all original packaging (some internal styrofoam on the hand-hold is missing, but piece is completely protected).
The piece has been displayed in a non-smoking home and is in fine condition. A minor note: most WDCC pieces I'm aware of have a flat (not shiny) realistic finish. However, there are some spots on this piece which appear to be glue manufacture joints where the paint is glossy/shiny. I have tried to show an example of these in the detail picture. This seems a little odd, but I want to make sure you know that I am the original owner and the piece came as is. It has not been damaged or repaired in any way. Please also note that the stem of leaves on the back of the piece (behind the barrier fence) has some leaves that have incised numbers on them. The leaves are fully painted
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