WDCC Pinocchio: "Jiminy Cricket Miniature 8-Ball" MIB

Jiminy Cricket may not be behind the 8 ball, but he's certainly on top of it as he confronts that street tough, Lampwick. The innocent puppet Pinocchio has taken up with this jaded juvenille delinquent, who is teaching "Slats" bad habits on Pleasure Island. Plussed with pewter, bronze, resin, and wire, this elaborate sculpture sculpture scene captures all the personality and humor of one of the most important sequences in Walt Disney's animated masterpiece Pinocchio.

Up for auction comes # 4004511, "Jiminy Cricket Miniature on 8 Ball: It Wouldn't Hurt You To Take Orders From Your Conscience." Introduced in September 2006, and designed by Disney sculptor Dusty Homer, it measures 1 & 3/4" tall. Will arrive brand new, in mint condition, only opened for inspection purposes and never displayed. Will also include sealed certificate of authenticity. Retail value is 50.00.

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