WDCC Plane Crazy: First Flight MIB Free S/H # 4007349

As clever Mickey Mouse gears up to take to the skies in his homemade flying machine, Minnie mouse shyly hands the daring pilot a good-luck horeshoe. Authentically potrayed in black and white, just like Plane Crazy, the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever produced, this charming sculpture- plussed with pewter, bronze, and wire, with a porcelain inset plaque on the wooden base- is both historical and hysterical.

# 4007349, "Plane Crazy: First Flight" was introduced in the summer of 2007. Measuring 6 & 3/8" (16.2cm) this sweet piece by sculptor Bruce Lau was a 15-year charter member exclusive piece that had the charter membership backstamp available only during the first year of issue. This sweet piece will arrive in absolute mint condition, brand new, in the original manufacturer's box, only opened for inspection purposes, never displayed, and will include the sealed certificate of authenticity.