WDCC Snow White Figurine~ WDCC Snow White Poster~ Snow White DVD & Miniature Sno

This collection of WDCC memorabilia includes Snow White "The Fairest One of All" figurine with COA~ A Snow White Poster "The Fairest of Them All" ~ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD and a miniature Snow White Figurine from the Disney Thimble Collection.
The WDCC Snow White figurine is MIB. The miniature figurine is also NIB but the box is not in perfect condition. The DVD is a Platinum Edition~ 2 Discs. Disc 1 has light scuffs but plays without issue. Disc 2 is like new. The Snow White Poster has never been displayed but there are some small creases from being unrolled. It measures 18 X 24"
Thanks for looking!