WEALTH JaTuKam RaMaThep "Pang Phra Kan" Amulet

JaTuKam RaMaThep "Phra Dehevaraj PhoTiSat Pang Phra Kan"
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Regardig to, JaTuKam RaMaThep (Phra Siam Dhevaraj of South Sea kingdom) South Sea kingdom is an area in the south of Thailand. It starts from SurajThani, Malaysia until Indonesia. These areas were Sri Vichai Kingdom since over 1,000 years ago. This kingdom is very prosperity. T is much Bodhisattva architecture. The principle of Bodhisattva is great kindness.

JaTuKam RaMaThep:

- JaTu means four. Kam (Kama) means area. Total meaning of JaTuKam RaMaThep is 4 directions.

- JaTuKam RaMaThep means soul of former king of Sri Vichai Kingdom. He is full of prestige and popularity. Moreover, he is full of ten virtues.

People believe that JaTuKam RaMaThep was a former king of Sri Vichai Kingdom who protects Phra BaRomMa That and Nakorn Sri ThammaRat City. JaTuKam RaMaThep is a symbol of Bodhisattva.
JaTuKam RaMaThep "Phra Dhevaraj PhoTiSat Pang Phra Kan" , (the great winner of Srivichai Kingdom) means person who abounds magic of sky and earth.

The specific of JaTuKam RaMaThep " Phra Dhevaraj PhoTiSat Pang Phra Kan" :

1. On the center has Ong Pang Phra Kan. Also, t is U-Na-Lom Yant of Ja Tu Karm.

2. T is Phra Rahoo picture which is absolute power of
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