weardale fluorite specimen forget the rock n gem shows its cheaper direct

This is a nice weardale fluorite specimen which is a bit hedgehog shaped, the crystals go all around it and it glows under uv light.The specimen measures 140 mm x 60 mm x 70 mm approx.

Please note, i am listing about seventy specimens on ebay we have had in the shop for seven years, but i'm not sure of what some have on them. One of my freinds went through some of them to tell me if my description of mineral content was correct. However if anyone can see any things on the specimens i have got wrong, please email me because some of them look the same to me, this is not my specialist subject.

If you want all round photos just email .

If you have any questions about this or other items we have on ebay call to arrange to view before you buy.

Lancy's Crystals @ Chesterfield U.K.