WEATHERLIGHT - Complete Set Classic MTG

Greetings Members... Seems that recovery from open heart surgery is progressing nicely. I'm not doing handsprings yet, but maybe... in a few months, who knows? Heads up to the few remaining open transactions... we can probably finalize anytime. Your items are packaged and ready to go out. I will, beginning today, put up a few items and will expand as my strength and endurance increase. It's good to be back. Best regards to all, and a special thanks to all my well wishers, Mason

Complete set of WEATHERLIGHT - Classic MTG.

This is a compete set - 167 CARDS (all pictures) of the WEATHERLIGHT Exp ansion Set. Cards are all from general circulation and may show some slight signs of use, especially in the older sets, but I have culled the ABSOLUTE BEST examples of each card available in Excellent (few) to NM condition (most), and will be sent in appropriate protective packaging.

Some of the INCREDIBLE cards in this set - ABEYANCE , ALABASTER DRAGON , DOOMSDAY, Fervor , FIRESTORM , GEMSTONE MINE , GOBLIN BOMB , Heart of Bogardan , LOTUS VALE , MANA WEB , MARAXUS OF KELD , NULL ROD , Peacekeeper , Southern Paladin , THUNDERMARE , and much more! Great for playing, great for collecting!


Shipping is $10 in the US via USPS. Ask
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