I found this WEAVERS DELIGHT loom here in NE Pennsylvania. It was made by the NEWCOMB LOOM CO. DAVENPORT, IOWA around 1899. I was told that the grandfather purchased the loom from a local museum and that it was in working condition at that time. Although in need of a good cleaning, the loom looks to be very solid. I have never operated a loom, therefore, am unsure if it is 100% complete; there are many extra pieces...(shuttles, etc.). According to the "Journal of the Newcomb Looms Historical Society" and other resources, the Newcomb Loom Company was established in Davenport, Iowa by Charles Newcomb in 1889. The looms themselves were manufactured in Tipton, Iowa (a small town about 40 miles northwest of Davenport), while Mr. Newcomb used Davenport for a distribution point. His orginal three models were the Little Daisy, the Number 3, and the Weaver's Friend. In 1899, he began production of the Weaver's Delight, which quickly became the most popular loom of the company. *Due to its size, this item is pickup only within 30 days of auction end; payment due within seven days...Thank you