WEAVERS OF SPEECH SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR World Telecommunications Skidmore 1915 Pioneer

Weavers of Speech by Artist T.D.Skidmore/Original Title - Spinners of Speech/From A Bell System National Magazine Ad December, 1915, Copyright the A.T. & T. CO./#1 of a 12 plate series dedicated to the history of the telephone communications industry Pioneers Of America. This 1 w/box & certificate, numbered over the 1st 1,000. Great gifts for Linemen, Switchboard Operators, Alexander Graham Bell collectors, Kentucky Derby or Horse Racing or Dirt-Track Racing, Union Folks, Engineers, Utilities & Communications Collectors, & those who want to promote global unity, American Technology, & Family Values. Add many of these seldom seen artistic gems to your collection. Only 20,000 made. ALL the Others in this series available + Lots more phone related dolls, steins, plates, etc. on THIS site, or we'll find them for you. Blessed Holidays, & God Bless America.