WEBER Antique Oak Drafting Table

This is adjustable in height and angle. Shown in 2nd photo is 31.5 high which is the lowest height. Table top is 31x42. Weber markings throughout. This has been in the family forever. Excellent condition- has paral-liner. The name plate says F Weber & Co.

I'm adding a little histroy:
Weber, F., & Co. - F. Weber & Co. (1853-present) originally began as Scholz and Company, a sales agency, in 1853. In the 1880's a partnership was formed as Janentzky & Weber. In 1887 the firm was renamed F. Weber & Company by its sole owner Frederick Weber. F. Weber & Co. located at 1125 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, specialized in the importation and manufacture of artist and drawing supplies, importation of Draughtsman tools from C. Riefler (Germany) and slide rules from Albert Nestler (Germany). After WWI customers preferred American made products and F. Weber began manufacturing some of its own products. Frederick Weber was survived by his two sons Frederick (Fred) and Ernest who incorporated the the firm in 1919. By 1920 t were retail stores in St. Louis, MO, Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA. A pre-WWII domestic supplier was Charvoz-Roos. Purchased in 1980 by the Kapp family and currently named Martin/F.Weber which sponsors the well known TV artist Bob Ross.