Wedgwood College Plate Radcliffe - Fay House 1934

This vintage Wedgwood plate is about 9" in diameter and featuresthe Fay House an old mansion at Radcliffe College , located in Cambridge , Massachusetts . It was the women's annex of Harvard University . This is the school Helen Keller attended. The plate features a deep, elaborate border of leaves, scrolls, and flowers, as well as the coat of Arms of the College. The center portion is 5 "in diameter, and shows the famous Fay House still in use. The Fay house is w Doctor Samuel Gilman wrote the all famous "Fair Harvard" . The story of the Fay house is one of the finest social life in all New England. Fay house was for generations the home of scholarship, poetry, and music. Many of it's guests were the most exceptional in all New England.

The design is in tones of blue on a white background. The plate is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing. It has a beautiful shine which gleams in the sunlight. The blue is a darker than appears in the picture (my camera is not the best). It is very rare to find this plate in such immaculate condition.

The back of the plate is labeled: Radcliffe College 1934 , Fay House; Wedgwood, Etruria, England, with a circular crest featuring a lion holding a sp, and the words: Sole Importers, Jones, McDuffee & Stratton Co., Boston . T are words impressed into the back
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