Wedgwood Embossed Queens Ware China Set No 2243

Complete China Set!!!

On the back in a green stamp it says Wedgwood Embossed Queens Ware.... Made in England... Pattern No 2243/

It's so pretty... with I could keep it for myself, especially since it has been in my family.... just need the money... out of work from a disibility. :(

Antique.... Used to Belong to my Great Grandmother

Set Includes:

8 Dinner Plates

8 Small Plates

16 Smaller Plates

8 Small Bowls

10 Saucers

8 Cups

3 Serving Bowls

1 Serving Tray

All Items in GREAT condition except for 1 cup has cracking and the serving tray has definite cracking, I've included a picture of this for you to see. I think t is some cleaner you can buy that helps this. If not, you are still getting a great antique china set, and maybe buy the serving tray & extra cup sepratly from someone.

Please email me with any questions.

Thanks for looking!!!