wedgwood jasper ware blue plate bluebird nissan (very very rare)

I am selling a very rare wedgwood blue jasper ware plate it was made for nissan motor company when they opened there plant in britain in 1986 to make the nissan bluebird they gave all the nissan main dealers one of these plates so there was not many plates made none were on sale to the general public the plate as a picture of a nissan bluebird on it with building in background it also as nissan written under car, it also as written in gold around the plate bluebird nissan motor manufacturing (uk) limeted this plate is in perfect condition no damage of ank kind, see photo. The plate is eight and a quarter inches in dia. This plate as never been on general sale to the public in any shops as it was made for nissan dealers this is a very rare plate never been on general sale to the public. I found out today the 31-1-2013 that there were 1000 of these plates made and as soon as the 1000 plates were made the mould was brokenso no more could be made.