Wedgwood Wedgewood Jasper Jasperware Lidded Urn

This auction is for a Wedgwood Jasperware lidded urn. The urn is in very good condition for its age. T are no chips, cracks, flakes, feabites, with the exception of the 5 pictures I have shown. Picture 1 shows the urn with a deeper blue than actual. It's very blue but maybe a shade or two lighter than the picture. Picture 2 shows w the blue didn't fully take on the urn. Picture 3 shows dirt on the foot (I have not tried to remove it because I don't know how). Picture 4 shows the inside has been used and it has some spots. Picture 5 shows a scratch (not very well because my camera couldn't pick it up very well). It's only a surface scratch through the blue and t may be a way to remove it but I unfortunately don't know how. The last picture shows the markings on the urn. I am not an expert but I have learned about the markings on the internet. The symbols on the bottom, to me, don't represent any alphabetic markings so I do believe that this piece pre-dates 1860. From my limited research I know that Wedgwood started alpha dating their pieces in 1860 with the letter O. The one picture I couldn't capture is the urn slightly wobbles on the base when you set it down. The base has a slight curvature when it was made but doesn't lend it self to tipping. I have owned this urn for about a year and it has sat on my display table with no

This auction is only open to buyers in the continental U.S. I am offering Free Shipping via Priority Shipping.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pictures. Also please know that this isn't my full time job so it may take me some time to respond to email or send pictures. Thank you.

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