Wee Lassie Shetland pony Artist Resin horse by Lovejoy

You are bidding on a Wee Lassie, the Shetland pony artist's resin by Michael Lovejoy of Lovejoy Horses, prepped and painted by the sculpting artist.

The model is Micro Mini 1/64 th scale, and is only one and a quarter inch long! Wee Lassie is the world's smallest artist resin.

I'm starting the bidding for this Artist's Proof at the same price an unpainted Wee Lassie sells for - so you could pick up a painted resin for the same money as an unpainted one!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Shipping is set a $4.99 US for all countries - if it costs more I will pay the extra.