Weighted Hula exercise Sports Hoop -- Acu Hoop 4M

Acu Hoop 4 lb ., medium size, boxed

for adult users weighing 100 -200 lbs .

Design Features -- 8 sections in color box. Easy assembly. Detachable.

Dimension -- d iameter 40.0" after assembly, pipe size 1.25"- 1.75" wave

Weight -- product actual weight 3.8 lb .

Materials -- external PU foam, plastic inside.

Color -- 8 rainbow colors

Product Features --
* Item for experienced user weight less than 20 0 lb .
* Unique wavy shape design inside the hoop helps the hoop easier

to stay on your body and better workouts to your muscles.
* Special design for adult, very easy to use.
* Soft color sponge covering, smooth and comfort.
* Slim your waist week by week until fit.
* For fitness workout, massage and have fun.

Learn in 10 minutes
Slim your waist 2 inches in 1 month

Sports hoops are weighted and different to traditional small hula hoop.

Sports Hoops are big and heavy, designed to enhance adult and teenage fitness workouts.

* Sports hoop series product include Acu Hoop, Trim Hoop, Wavy Hoop and Power Hoop.

* Very easy to use. Follow the instructions and you can learn how to play in 10 minutes .

* Trim your waist up to 2 inches and lose weight up to 4 lbs monthly until fit.

* Thousands
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