Nice Weighty M42 Soligor Auto 135/2.8 Adaptable to Digital EOS K etc

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A well built Japanese telephoto with an A/M switch.
Everything mechanical moves nicely, no problems. The overall appearance is good. The glasses have no fungus, no haze and no scratches. There is a small amount of
internal dust as there always is. 55mm filter mount, built in sliding hood and a rear cap is fitted.
M42 lenses (42mm x 1mm thread) will adapt to the vast majority of SLRs and dSLRs. No auto functions are maintained - aperture choice and focus is manual, the metering options are dictated by your camera's facilities.
M42 auto lenses have a protruding pin at the rear that can be 'locked away' if there is an auto/manual switch. If there is no auto-manual switch then a special adaptor is need that will also depress the pin making the lense fully manual.
Preset or simple diaphragm lense present no problems - hence their renewed popularity! Lenses listed as T2 mount (42mm x .75mm) need a T2 adaptor to fit to any camera. Most will come with an adaptor already fitted. All T2 lenses are either preset or simple diaphragm. Adaptors for true M42 lenses are also readily available - the price depends on the rarity of your camera's fitting! Some cheaper adaptors do not provide infinity focus
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