Weird n' Wild Creatures card collection - TRADING CARDS

You are bidding on my collection of Weird n' Wild Creatures (approximately 500 trading cards, and one binder and 5 cardboard trading card boxes)...

Send Your Child on A Thrilling Journey of Discovery
Now it's easy to take your child on an exciting learning adventure... into the world of the wildest, strangest, and most fascinating creatures ever known.

Weird n' Wild Creatures is a unique series of fun-tastic trading cards, games, and activities, that combine fun and learning in a way that's irresistible to kids. They'll be introduced to amazing creatures - past and present, real and imagined - and loving every minute of it!

Just think how much your child will enjoy learning about creatures in categories like:

Monsters of the Mind Monsters of the Past Monsters of the Deep Nightmares of Nature Toxic Terrors

Weird n' Wild Creatures® cards are so much fun to read, collect, and trade, your "little creatures" won't notice they're learning too!

Quality Story Cards to Collect and Share
The great illustrations, "did you know" facts, creature features, trading cards will bring the family together to be introduced to amazing creatures - past and present, real and imagined.

Start learning today about prehistoric creatures, mythological beasts, fearsome predators and wonders of nature!
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