Wellfleet Pottery Vase-Great Collectible Art Pottery-MA

This is a vintage vase pottery piece of American Art Pottery made by Wellfleet Pottery, located in the town of Wellfleet on Historic Old Cape Cod. This vintage vase is in excellent condition with NO chips, cracks, crazing, or use marks. The interior is the same beautiful blue as the exterior. This pottery vase has a gorgeous floral design in blue, deeper blue (outlines) and purple. The base is an earthen reddish-brown color. It measures 4-1/4" tall and approximately 4-1/2" wide. It has the pictured impressed Wellfleet Pottery mark on the base. I can provide additional or close-up photos of this item to your email address upon request. This is slightly lighter in color than the photo shows. is some information I found on this pottery studio: Wellfleet pottery was founded by Trevor and Kathleen Glucksman in 1970. In the 1950s, they helped found Israel's nascent ceramic industry. They subsequently lived in London, w Trevor undertook doctoral work in philosophy of art and architecture at the University of London, which he later continued at Harvard University. His wife studied at London School of Drawing and Painting.During the early 1960s, Mr. Glucksman and his family lived in New York, w he worked as a creative writer in advertising on Madison Avenue, and first began to develop designs for Wellfleet Pottery. During that time, he also ... read more