Wendy's 1987 Potato Head Kids (Part B) - Set of 6

This is a set of 6 Potato Head Kids. They were made by Hasbro and given out in 1987 Wendy';s Kids meals. Featuring: a) Rabbit Nubbins, b) Queenie, c) Football Player, d) Cavalier with Purple Hat, e) Elk Kid wearing Antlers (Don't know his name, can anyone help ?), f) Girl with Yellow Cap & Green Shoes (Don't know her name, Can anyone help ?) . Note that each of these Potato 'Heads' were also issued with an alternate Hat-piece & Foot-piece. These alternate Potato Head Kids are listed separately (See "1987 Potato Head Kids (Part A)". These toys are second-hand and are not perfect. But they are in reasonably nice condition. The photos are, of course, of the actual lot.