Wenhall Sabatini bent paneled poker - no reserve

This is a sitting paneled poker with an attractive band which I assume to be of the same material as the stem. T is some wear on one of the rims of the bowl but I had smoked it awhile before noticing... maybe I'm not so observant but it isn't bad at all. I originally purchased this from Frenchy and it has seen only minor smoking since - maybe 10-20 bowls - and if you're into pipes you should know the care with which Frenchy refurbishes the pipes he offers for sale. I don't really want to part with it but am thinning the herd to make room for other pipes. Wenhall, according to Frenchy, was an American pipe company.
I asked about this pipe at and found that it was probably carved by Michael Kabik who I have personally not heard of but apparently holds some esteem in the market:
Michael Kabik is a noted American pipemaker of long standing. Hestarted his Sven-Lar line in the mid-70s, which are the ones marked"Skulptur by
Kabik." All these that I have seen are beautiful pipes. They often (or
usually--I'm not sure) came with their own pipe rest carved from a block of
briar. Often, in fact, t is a two-pipe set resting in a carved briar
block and facing different
Among the pipe brands for which he crafted
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