The pencil drawing of a beautiful nude woman is signed by Warner Kreiter, and dated on the reverse 1940. Kreiter was a Milwaukee area artist whose estate was sold by home sale at least 25 years ago, and hundreds drawings/designs/paintings were unearthed from storage. At the time these many works were distributed in the Wisconsin area and eventually made their way through the hands of dealers and collectors for many years. In the past decade they have not been frequently seen on the market. His work included newspaper work, particularly early in his career when one saw fashion drawings appear. He produced over 100 designs for playing cards, many of which I actually sold many years ago. Nudes by Kreiter did emerge, but this one I offer here is without doubt the most carefully and skillfully rendered. The skills in handling the pencil, shading...proportions and finish are well above all those others I have seen over the years. I do not remember much about Kreiter's life as there was not much personal information about him, but judging by the number of works in that estate sale done over the course of many decades, he was clearly a successful commercial artist. This piece measures about 13" x 9" window dimensions, and the mat's outer size is 18" x 14". The parallel lines around the mat window is typical of his technique. The photos you ... read more