Wersi Wega CD 600 Organ

This is my Wersi Wega CD 600 for auction.

The Wega (Vega) has he same spec as the Spectra CD 700, the differance is that on the Lower Drawbars there are nine sliders and Sixty two note keyboards.

The Organ is in very good condition and all is working.

I am selling this Organ because I have now got a Bohm and there is little room for two.

This Organ benefits from having additional updates. Memory Tower and Lifestyle installed.

Most people who now these organs will now what these extras can do.

But for those who don't. The Memory Tower allows you to add extra registations etc from a memory card. It will also allow you to save Registrations to Ram memory cards.

There ar two types of cards, Rom ( Load from) Ram (save to).

Lifestyle gives you extra sounds which you can add.

The Organ does have two Large Owner manuals giving a lot of information and samples also assembly instructions.

It even has a key to lock the roll top that keeps out the dust and un-wonted fingers .

It does come with a seat but it could do with covering as it has had a lot of ware. It is not the Original Wersi seat.

The Organ is not the portable one. It is built into a nice cabinet. Therefore it doed not split.

Because of the weight and size you would
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