West End Games Western Front Tank Leader 1987 wargame

Used and punched copy of West End Games' Western Front Tank Leader tactical armored warfare game set in western Europe employing German (Wermacht and SS), US and British forces. Unlike earlier games such as Panzerblitz, the emphasis is on command and control through the use of formation and command cards. Units are grouped into formations that are each assigned experience, morale and command/control/communications levels which determine the formation’s activation sequence. The two 22” x 17” mapboards are semi-geomorphic and in addition are assigned varying terrain configurations based on the individual scenario. Advanced rules include air support, infantry assaults, artillery support, tank overruns and weather. The box shows some shelf wear but the components such as the rulebook, player aid cards, game turn/terrain track sheet, counters and maps are in great shape. In addition, the three sheets of command and formation cards are intact and have never been separated.

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