Rare West German Early 1960's Cordova Classical Guitar

Early 1960’s Cordova Classic Guitar

The face of the guitar is spruce, the back is tiger or flame maple ( I have seen it described both ways), the fret board is rosewood with the back of the neck made of 5 pieces, two are tiger maple (see pics)

I am the original owner of this Cordova Model WC012 guitar, serial 364702 see detail phot of label in sound hole.

I bought this guitar in Columbus, Ohio from Summers and Sons and had it when the band I was in, the Four O’Clock Balloon, opened for Jimi Hendrix at the Veteran’s Memorial in Columbus.

It was made in West Germany by Spanish guitar makers that fled Spain due to the political climate.

It is in extremely good condition, the only wear is some superficial pick scratches around the sound hole which can easily be renewed or left as the guitar as a lovely patina.

Includes original warrantee card and carry case.

See photos and photo detail of sound hole.

This is an excerpt from a 1964 Cordova Guitar AD

“ Cordova Classic Guitars Made with the extra measure of care

From the moment you see a Cordova Guitar you know is the Classic guitar built with the extra measure of care. Examine if you will fine and painstaking handiwork of the inlays. Run your hand over the finish……notice the velvet-like quality lovingly
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