West W. Germany Pottery Low Bowl MCM Orange w/ White Drizzle Keramik? Scheurich?

W. Germany
Pottery Bowl
A very nice mid-century modern design.
Burnt Orange and White
"Orange Peel" Type Texture with Drizzle Design
I have no idea which W. German pottery made this piece.
I did do some searching but as you might know, there are many of these W. German potteries that look a lot alike to us
with limited knowledge and their marks similar as well.
Feel free to let me know which pottery house you feel might have made it.
The red clay base may be a clue for some of you.
I've owned it for many years and used it in a decor for another home.
Nearly 12" in diameter and 2 1/2" high at the out rim.
See details above .