West Germany Wall Clock "chimes

I have a wall clock with no name, just says "Made in West Germany" on the works it is stamped E. Schmeckenbecher H-65..It runs by weights and pendulum like a cuckoo clock..It has the double chime and chimes once on the half hour and the hour on the hour,..I don't know if it needs cleaning or some small adjustment but it will only run a few minuites at a time...It is 11" wide and 14" tall..Most of the items we sell are sold on consignment..we can not be experts on every thing so we will discribe the item as to the best of our knowledge and furnish pictures. Some descriptions may not be the same as yours, everyone has different standards of describing thing.Most of the items we sell are used ( unless otherwise mentioned ) and tfore all sales are final..We do not try to mislead or misrepincent any items..ALL ITEMS WILL BE SOLD AS IS..Returns will be at our discrepancy. We will not be responsible for damage or lost items, so buy insurance or take the responsibility your self..thank you for looking and bidding.