West Highland White Terrier Bottle Corks 2 - Different

West Highland White Terrier Bottle Corks 2 - Different These comprises of a Westie on a cork that is made of a fairly heavy metal of some kind, a chrome chain with a large ring on the end. They are 1.5"/3.5cms high plus the cork and 1.5"/3.5cms wide approx. The chrome chain is 6.5"/16.5cms and the ring at the end is 1.5"/3.5cms in diameter. I do auction these singularly at $7.95 BUT, if you wanted more than one, these are a bargain as win this pair and they are just $14.95 for them both AND the post is the same as just one!!!

You will be bidding on this item from the picture and description AS I SEE IT , not as you might think perhaps that it should be like and I am afraid that I can give NO refunds what so ever, even if it arrives damaged, of course if t is a problem I will do my utmost to help and I pack very , very well as you can see from my feedbacks and also post as quickly as I can. So its NO refunds under ANY circumstances. Please do be aware of this fact - thanks .

The winning bidder will be directly helping the little dogs that share my home with me, (I am NOT a charity, husband says maybe a charity case!) I just have to help dogs that breeders have finished using for breeding, they were no good in the show ring, or some other reason, sometimes very valid, well the Papillons are, the Cavaliers sometimes
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