WEST pulp fiction magazine JULY 8, 1931

Writers: Colt MacDonald, Tom Hopkins, Cliff Farrell, Bennett Foster, Griff Crawford, Earl McCain, Jay Lucas, Karl Lundberg
Cover art by Arthur Mitchell
Along with the photos taken of this magazine, the last photo shows an example of a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity from the H.L."Duke" Schreiner Estate Collection. This will be included with each magazine UPON REQUEST (add message when paying), for final prices of $50 or more. It is nicely printed on card stock and sized to 7" x 10" in order to fit neatly behind a pulp magazine and its sleeve. For final prices under $50 the certificate can still be obtained for an additional $3, which will be added to the shipping cost. For more info about the estate collection go to Flyboy45 dot com.
Each magazine ships in an attractive acid-free archival-grade polypropylene sleeve.
PRICING Use the zoom-in feature to examine the 8-11 photos to determine what you feel the value of the pulp magazine is. Photos were chosen either to show defects, positive attributes, or special features of the magazine. Grading of pulp magazines is highly subjective and it is not consistent with the grading rules for comic books or hard cover books.The guidelines for grading pulp magazines in the highly recommended, "The Bookery's Guide to Pulps and Related Magazines", are
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