A COMPLETE WESTERN STREET ALL SCRATCH BUILT FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT AS WELL AS YOUR RAIL FANS! With a Gator Foam Base measuring 24" W X 9" deep, there is alot of super detail in this painstaking rendition of a Western Scene at the turn of the century. There are 6 full detailed structures from the Wells Fargo Holding building with the attached Post Office, to the one story Barber Shop. From the Jessups General Store with the undertakers building directly behind it. Also, the project wouldn't be complete without a saloon with the lovely ladies on the second story deck and the Millinery Shop where those fine bonnets are so painfully put together. Not only that, you will receive 16 figures from Preiser which are all hand painted and wearing clothes seen in the early 1900's. The Stage Coach comes with it along with all the landscaping from the dusty main street to the tumbleweed still in its "green" stage. This diorama has about 75 hours of labor in it and you will believe that when you get if shipped to your home. There are lighting access holes thoughout the base if you wish to add lights. All in all, this is a really neat diorama and will look great on your layout. Thanks for your continued following - it's my pleasure.