Westclox Alarm Clock Service With 2 Year Warranty


This auction is for an inspection/servicing of your Westclox Alarm Clock. If you have a Westclox Alarm Clock, I am sure you have found that most clockmakers will not touch it, and if they will, it will cost you upwards of $150. Finding that compromise in price and good service is difficult. Well, your search is over. We can service your Westclox Alarm Clock for much less and give you a warranty to cover all of our work 100%.

If you want to have just an inspection contact me for details. I am very fair and probably the cheapest around.

Never run any mechanical clock without knowing its service history. It would be like buying a used car and not having it prepared prior to taking a long road trip. Servicing to a clock is what an oil change and tune up are to a car. Think an NOS (New Old Stock)clock is ready to run? Keep reading.

Oils used in these old clocks only lasts a few years and then it needs replacing. These oils will have dried up after all these years and can no longer protect a clock. What's worse, is that the mixture of oil and metal particles actually makes matters worse; it acts like a grinding wheel wearing down the clock as it runs. We will replace this oil with a modern synthetic non-drying oil. Our oil contains PTFE resins which has the lowest coeficient of friction of
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