Westclox Big & Baby Ben Antique Alarm Clock Collection2

You are viewing the first of many alarm clock and small decorator clock "collections" that I will be posting on eBay! All of the these clocks are in at least "good" or "fair" condition and a few are in mint condition. I will be carefully selecting clocks that fit a theme in collections of 6 or so that will fun to display in your home. Please note that these clocks are being sold for display purposes only. Some of them run and function and some don't. Please.....don't write me and ask which ones work. (The first big Ben on the left has been rebuilt and runs in this particular collection) I have over 200 to sell and just don't have the time to wind them all up and check them out. Besides, the ticking would drive me nuts! These "collection" sales will be a "grab bag", but I am sure that you will be pleased with your purchase. This particular collection is one of two collections of 6 Big and Baby Ben clocks that I am posting today, all different, so be sure to put me in your favorites and bid on both groups for a nearly complete collection of antique Big and Baby Ben clocks!
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