Western Australia : 1886 Coolgardie Local Post

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Western Australia : 1886 Coolgardie Local Post

Local Post: Coolgardie 1896 Camel Post 2/-.

VF fresh M, typical patchy gum.

of Abbreviations used in our descriptions and other useful information.

Ours is a "no bull" description.

We don't claim it is the finest known (unless it is), nor that it was driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady.

We provide large original colour scans on black ground (of both sides where we deem it desirable) so you can clearly see the perforations and gum or any other problems, not scans on white, not tinted, not fuzzy out of focus or so small you cannot see the defects.

We do not waste your time, or ours, by starting stamps off at ridiculously low prices. Our starting prices are extremely fair & are based on the condition of the item.

We are a MAIN STREET "bricks and mortar", company trading from a 4 storey building in Sydney and a 3 storey building in Ballarat that we own plus 3 other prominent addresses in Adelaide and Melbourne. (see our ME page for details)

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