Western Electric 274A Vacuum Tube

Engraved Base

RARE Rectifier

Vintage Audio Amplifier

This tube has been checked and certified

By Penta Laboratories

The certification sheet is posted with the pictures

T is some corrosion on pins

Engraved on the tube base:

"Western Electric

Made in USA


Tubes are sold as is

Notice: Do to the interest in these tubes and my desire to be honest with the people I deal with. I have had these tubes and some others I intend to auction certified at Penta Laboratories. Steve Sanett the director at the US Corporate Headquarters in Chatsworth (who I think is a really nice person) did what I think is a favor for me by agreeing to test and certify these tubes in their lab as they manufacture tubes and outside testing is not exactly what they do.

I know that you have seen the pictures, Steve said that the this tube is in beautiful condition that the tube appears to have never been used and that t is no discoloration at the top normal with a used tube