Western Electric Antique Electric Fan

Western Electric Antique Electric Fan
Circa 1915-1925
This 9 1/2" Western Electric Fan is in EXCELLENT shape!!! I purchased it at an antique auction in Beaumont, Texas over 20 years ago & paid almost $100 for it.
Since then, it has been displayed in my office and turned on once or twice a year just to prevent problems from lack of use. Yesterday, I completely cleaned it up and lubricated it. I also spent over an hour hand polishing the solid brass blades and they are so shiny, you can see my reflection in the picture in the gallery. This fan needs NOTHING! It tilts and has 2 speeds. The motor is quiet considering it is over 80 years old...truth be known, it was probably put together with much more craftsmanship back then! The external cord (plugs into the wall) had been replaced when I bought it, but they used a cord and plug that keeps with the period. The rest of the wiring is the original "cloth" wiring and is in very good shape.
You will see many old General Electric and Hawthorne fans but Western Electric Fans are much harder to come by (especially one in this shape) . Western Electric was known for their telephones but they made many other products (see below) before they sold off their consumer division in the mid 1920's. In fact, they were the largest electrical manufacturer in the United States.
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