Western Electric Antique Telephone Vintage Phone

Western Electric

Model 5302

Transition Telephone

Up for your consideration is this completely restored Western Electric model 5302 Transition telephone.

The 5302 is a rarity in telephony in that it was produced by Western Electric using parts from one model, the 302, and a specially designed housing that resembled the newer model 500 set. This resulted in a huge cost saving for AT&T because they were able to utilize their surplus parts that were made for the 302. This metamorphasis earned the 5302 the nickname "Transition" telephone.

This telephone features a 6A rotary dial, an F1 bakelite handset, a ringer volume adjustment, and a new black vynyl line cord with a modular end. It looks and performs just like it did when it was first put into service.

The plastic housing on this telephone is in excellent shape with no damage of any kind. All of the scratches, scuffs, and dings were carefully sanded away. Next it was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, then buffed and hand polished to it's original lustrous shine.

The original F1 bakelite handset is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It was also cleaned and sanitized and then buffed to a beautiful shine. It sends and receives conversations nice and clear with no noise or static at all.

This telephone
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