Western Electric Hand Cranked Telephone Model

A wooden wall mounted hand-cranked telephone. The wall-mounting base measures 19 inches by 9 inches while the telephone box itself measures 17 Ã,½ inches by 8 inches by 4 inches deep. The wood appears to be oak and is built with dovetailed joints. The outside of the box has a dual bell at the top center, a hinged mouthpiece in the center, a shelf at the lower center, a hand crank on the right side and a receiver holder with receiver on the left as well as the thumbscrew incoming line connector. The front is hinged on the left and held closed with screws set into metal screw holes. There is a brass plate on the front of the mouthpiece that reads Ã,Â"Western Electric, Made in USA, Pat in USA Jan 14 1913Ã,Â". The back of the mouthpiece reads Ã,Â"KELLOG-CHIUCAGO.U.S.A.; PATÃ,Â'D Nov. 26, 1901 and the bottom of the case front has incised into the wood Ã,Â"2811HÃ,Â". The wood finish appears to be original, is a golden oak tone, worn with dirt in the crevices, and the only cracks and gouges are on the back of the mounting plate. There are no cracks or scratches visible on the front. The black paint is worn from the metal parts of the mouthpiece where it would be held by hand. Although it is obviously well used everything appears to be in good shape save the fraying of the fabric covered external wiring. The crank turns, the generator hums ... read more