Western Electric Telephone WE 302,1953 Yellow Paint

Western Electric Telephone, WE 302 Set. A working Telephone.

Painted Yellow with matching handset and line cords. I tend to believe that this phone found it's way to an Independent Telephone Company, and at some point in it's history it was painted yellow and matching cords installed. Most likely due a demand for colored phones rather than the basic black that was common. T is no way to know of course, an individual could have painted this phone, but they would have had to have access to the hard wired handset and line cords. No impossible, but maybe difficult. The dial also has been removed before the phone was painted as evidenced by the lack of paint on the mounting ring.

All of this is now part of the history of the phone, and I tend to leave things are they are in a situation like this one.

This is a durable and very desirable telephone, and the 1953 date puts this one nearing the end of the production line for the WE 302 which was to give way to the WE 500 sets.

All parts inside are dated 1953 but I do not see the date on the 5 H dial. The metal finger wheel, porcelain number ring, and the F 1 handset gives us a complete phone as originally manufactured, with the exception of the paint.

This one has been professionally serviced, repaired and is in good working order.

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