Western Horse Riding Spurs Tack Rodeo Ranch Straps NEW

Western Riding Spurs Well Suited for Rodeos, Ranch Work or Simple Horseback Riding

Now, these are very nice spurs. Just take a look at them. You will be hard pressed to find a pair of spurs that look better than these and this set of spurs not only look good, they are built tough and are well suited for just about any equestrian event you may be involved in from a working ranch to rodeos or if you are just looking for a nice pair of spurs for your western horseback riding, well, these are just what you are looking for. Win the bid on this auction and you will not only get a very nice pair of spurs but they are accompanied with a brand new pair of spur straps too. New spurs and new spur straps all for one winning bid. As you take a look at these spurs, you will find them to have a 2" shank that is decorated with 4 pieces of silver metal that really set them off. The rowells are 1" rowells and they are brass too. The body of the spurs are 1 1/2" high. These are heavy spurs that shouldn't ride up on your heel. We took a close up image so you can see the designe of the metal. I do not call this a basket weave but it is something close. They are nice and the metal is black iron that will last a lifetime and more. I have these spurs packed and ready to ship so place your bid and if you are the sinning bidder, they will be on the
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