Western M1 Garand Rifle/Ammo Ad: WW 2 Guadalcanal-1943

Western M1 Garand Rifle/Ammo Ad: WW 2 Guadalcanal-1943 This vintage and original Western Cartridge Co. full page magazine advertisement for the M1 Garand rifle and ,30 caliber ball ammunition is from 1943, while World War Two was in progress and all of the company's production was going to the American and Allied armed forces. The ad features very colorful and beautifully done painting, based on a War Department photograph, of American fighting men on Guadalcanal with their M1 Garand rifles, stocking up on bandoliers of .30 cal. ammo at a ammunition dump. The ad says, "This painting, from an actual photograph released through the War Department, shows cases of Western military cartridges at an ammunition dump on Guadalcanal Island. The rifles are the new semi-automatic Garand. the finest infantry arm used by any army in the present war. Western's Winchester division is one of the manufacturers of this ultra-modern weapon." (the photo makes this 11 1/2" x 8" ad look much smaller than it actually is). The ad is on a heavier stock of cover paper and though it's now 64 years old, it's still in excellent condition and would look great matted. Buyer pays $3.15 for shipping and handling.
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