Up for auction we have a 20 gallon Western Stoneware Company of Monmouth Illinois crock with handles. The condition is very good plus with NO cracks, chips or real noticable damage. As you will note in the pictures the rim and bottom of the crock are a bit stained, but t has been no clean-up done to this item other than towel wiped with water to take the pictures. I would assume (though cannot guarantee) that this will clean up to excellent condition, but I am not expert enough to accomplish this myself and fear damage could be done unknowingly. T is some nice salting to the glaze, but no significant crazing that I can find and t are some areas of overglaze that are factory original. The blue labeling on the crock is just as vibrant as it appears in the pictures and is near perfect compared to others of this type , although this is the ONLY handled 20 gallon I have ever seen in the 20 years I have owned it (Item was purchased from my grandmothers estate and has been in the family for over 60 years). The wooden handles are original and near mint. If interested, I can e-mail more pictures of specific areas if so desired.

T are very few detractors from this piece: 1) the original wire handle bails are a bit corroded, and could stand to be repainted. 2) On the back side of the piece t are 2 areas of some kind of inclusion in
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