Western Stoneware / Monkey Jug / Harvest Jug

I am pleased to offer you a hard to come by Western Stoneware Co. Monkey jug or Harvest jug, which ever name that you prefer. This once was a very popular jug in the days of the threshing crews. Very easy to fill and easy to drink from. T are not many of these around anymore and certainly not in as good as shape as this beautiful jug. It is of the one gallon variety, the other one that was made was of the two gallon variety. It measures right at eight and one half inches tall and the base has a diameter of close to seven inches. This jug has the original bail handle.

This jug is in very good condition, considering the size and age. The only real flaw is a chip on the drinking spout which can be viewed in picture #6. The chip measures about one half inch long and cannot be seen from the frontal view. The rest of the jug is almost immaculate. T are a few albany glaze skips that can be viewed in the pictures but they are very small. These skips either show up as very dark or very light in the pictures. In counting them, t are about eight. These do no take away from the beauty of this jug, but I mention them for honesty purposes. The ears that hold the bail handle are absolutely free of any defects. Also, t are no cracks or hairlines in the jug whatsoever. The bottom rim is super free and the fill spout is also free of
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