Western Union Naval Observatory Self Winding Clock, NR

Up for auction is a Western Union Naval Observatory Time Self Winding Clock made by the Self Winding Clock Company.
This is an interesting item with a very nice dial and in a large size. The case is steel with what appears to be the original paint. It has a large convex glass. This case easily slips on and off the back frame so you can access the movement or batteries. The dial is in great shape and notes that this was "Naval Observatory Time". The dial is 16 inches in overall diameter and has a 10 ½ inch time track. The hands are original including the center sweep seconds. This movement is powered by a small mainspring which is wound by two large dry cells. All original connections seem to be t but for convenience someone has added a fitting which takes two size D batteries and this winds the mainspring. No real alterations were done and this is quite functional. Note that this is a pendulum regulated movement. The pendulum is odd but I am sure it is original. I put in two batteries and set the clock on the wall. With a bit of encouragement it is running just fine. The mainspring winds up about every 30-45 minutes or so. This movement has been cleaned & oiled. The clock diameter is 19 ½ inches. Because of the fragile glass, this item will require a large secure carton so allow for that in regards to the shipping charges.
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