4 Westinghouse 7591 Audio Power Output Tubes ~ Tested!

4 Westinghouse 7591 Audio Power Output Tubes ~ Tested!
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This Auction is for four used Westinghouse 7591 power tubes. They were pulls from a working Sherwood amp. On a calibrated Hickok USM-118, the tubes read 65,65, 72 and 80 w 50 is the minimum acceptable and 85 is average new.

All four tubes are branded CMI Electronics Company and have factory codes of 337, indicating Westinghouse production. Production and date codes are 66-26 / D-F, 66-26 / D-F, 66-35 / E-H and 66-26 / D-F. Three are black base and one is tan base. All have top halo getters and the three black base also have side D getters. The 7591 was designed as a high quality audio output tube and is highly sought for that application. is a great opportunity to get a working quad of this popular audio output tube. Low starting bid. The tube(s) will be well packaged for shipment. I cannot guarantee performance in your equipment, but will guarantee the tube(s) not to be DOA pending return and confirmation.

Any return must occur within 7 days of delivery.

Payment is expected within 7 days of the close of the Auction. For Domestic buyers, we gladly accept PayPal. Sorry, but due to eBay's payment policy changes we are no longer allowed to accept other payment methods. For INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE that we require
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