Westinghouse Radio Log KDKA 1920's Station Directory

Radio Log


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This interesting old item measures approximately 6-1/4" x 8-1/4", and t are 10 pages inside. The pages open from the bottom, not the side. I have to admit that I am a bit ignorant in regard to this piece, so I am going to basically list what I see on each page.

Photos of H.P. Davis (Father of Broadcasting), J.C. McQuiston (General Advertising Manager - Westinghouse), and three others. Photos of the Principal Studio, Victor Saudek (musical director) and others. Page is titled "Voice You Know" - t are nine photos: Louis L. Kaufmann, Mary Francis Philput, Elbert R. Moses and more. List of stations (Call Letters - City - Wavelength Assignment). Example: KFIF - Portland, Oregon - 211 F. Page 5 and 6 are of Hayne's Radio Log. As stated on the bottom of page 6 "The stations are listed above in the exact order they will be tuned in as you turn your dial in one direction. Begin at the bottom; follow the column containing familiar, nearby stations. Enter your settings for them in the space provided. One entry will automatically log all stations..." N/A More Station Listings More Station Listings (including Canadian, Cuban, Mexican) Photos of Winchester Band, Stephen Leyshon (announcer Sacred Song Concert) and others. This page is titled "Some
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