Westinghouse Wood Table Radio AM FM Model H-161 1948

Hello ebay shoppers and radio collectors. Listed is a 1948 Westinghouse AM FM Radio of the Post war era! This is a good playing radio, chassis has been recently restored when tested the AM realy brings in stations and the FM requires an antenna to work well, this also has a phono Jack for accessory phonograph etc. You get an origional unfinished cabinet on this radio, it has been touched up for small scratchs etc. much to nice to ever think about refinishing. Large 10 inch speaker is a power house for great sound from this unit. The realy fancy Rainbow dial realy sets this apart from other competive radios of the 40s period. Fancy swirl knobs all match and all great shape. This radio does have built in antenna, no back cover is used on this model of set. This is the Model H-161. Size of this radio is large weighing out unpacked at 26.5 lbs and case size is 20 inchs wide 10 inchs high & 10 inchs deep! If you collect 40s radios this is certinaly the one to have it tunes easily, works great, its easy to service if ever needed and has been restored for a long life. Over all condition is way above average of this age of unit, chassis is rust free shinney and clean! speaker is great shape with no problems. Please look this over ? Selling AS-IS due to age with BUY_IT-NOW World Wide Listing. Insurance Packing & Shipping on this unit ... read more