WESTMORELAND Argonaut Shell w/ lid Carnival Art Glass dish Almond Mist

Another beautiful creation from the WESTMORELAND line of Argonaut Shell Glassware design #1048. Collectors have long favored these glass candy containers, and thousands of designs were made until the cost became too high in the 1960's when reproductions were made. Westmoreland produced over 40 different colors, including this signature 3-footed Dolphin Argonaut seldom seen in Almond Mist . D isplay-ready with matching lid as shown . Standing about 6-1/2" tall and 6" wide, difficult to rare. P riced to perfection at only $45.
INTERESTING FA CT: The Westmoreland Glass Company was founded in 1889 & ran by two brothers, George and Charles West. Its main production was originally pressed glass tableware, mustard jars, and candy containers. In 1921 the company changed it's name to the Westmoreland Glass Company and produced only high-end hand-decorated glass . The company changed hands in the 1940s and then began to mass produce their Milk Glass collection. In 1980 Westmoreland sold for the last time to a business person with no prior experience in the glassware industry and as a result, the company went out of business in 1984. Each piece is now more valuable than ever and held only by private collectors.
PLEASE NOTE: As with all hand-fashioned glassware, y ou will not find two pieces exactly alike. Small
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