Westmoreland Glass Owl

This is a Westmoreland Glass Owl. The pictures make it look like it is green, but it is a very pretty blue. He's sitting on two books. He's got pretty sparkly eyes as well! In researching the mark, they used this particular mark from late 1949-1984. I got this probably in 1984-85. It's time for him to go to another home so that someone else can enjoy him! He's got an awesome amount of detailing on him. You can almost feel how sharp his claws are. His feathers are very detailed as well. The Westmoreland Glass mark is on the top of the book beside his left claw. He is in pretty good condition, t is just a tiny bit of a scrape right at the edge of the top book. Thank you for looking, and happy bidding. This added on 02/24 - In looking at the pictures, I see that his head looks like it is faded. It is not - I don't know if it is just dirty, or if it is the way the light is hitting it. His coloring is the same all throughout his body. Again, thank you for looking, and bidding. This would like really nice in your china hutch, or on a shelf.

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