Westmoreland Glass Rooster on Nest Jadeite/Pumpkin R52

It seems as though we come across many more Hens on a Nest than we do Roosters!!!... But when we do find one of these handsome fellows... he’s usually something quite special... and so it is with this “eye-catching” country gentleman!!!...

This is an exciting... Westmoreland Glass Company marked... Rooster on a Nest. This “perky” fellow sets about 4 ¼ inches tall... 5 ½ inches long.... and 4 ¼ inches wide. Both the Rooster... and his Nest... appear to be in excellent condition.

Our Rooster is a shockingly handsome “Orange” glass color with a bit of marbling in it. I don’t believe t’s enough marbling to qualify this as “Slag Glass”... but rather a normal marbling that we should expect to see in some of these unusual glass colors. Over the years this glass color has been labeled with quite a long list of names. Some that come to mind are... “Sunkist”... “Bittersweet”... “Candy Corn”... “Dreamsickle”... “Creamsickle”... “Orangesickle”... and my favorite... “Pumpkin Glass”. I believe the name “Sunkist” was given to this glass color... and registered by one of the glassmaker’s away back.

This Rooster carries the later Westmoreland Glass Company mark... the one w the name “Westmoreland” is spelled out in a circle around a large “W”. I believe this was the last mark the company used just prior to their closing
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